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Count on fast, effective relief from flu symptoms


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Come in today for immediate attention and prescriptions

The flu can hit you unexpectedly. Symptoms from high fever to nausea and vomiting begin very early, and as the illness progresses they give way to breathing symptoms, coughing, and sore throats.

If you’ve contracted the flu, you can get treatment and relief from your symptoms right away! Our clinic immediate prescriptions, available when you walk-in or call! If you already have asthma or other breathing difficulties, it’s especially important to get treatment before the flu can aggravate these conditions. Stop the flu before it gets out of control!

Same-day appointments are available and walk-ins are welcome! We accept most insurance and offer special rates for the uninsured.

Your best defense is to not catch the flu in the first place

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends influenza vaccines for everyone over the age of 6 months! The flu can spread through a community very rapidly, so it is important to protect yourself, and know if you are at risk.

Come to us for your vaccine, or for a simple swab test to detect the flu and begin treatments before it has a chance to worsen. The earlier you begin taking antiviral prescriptions, the less time you will have to suffer from symptoms.

Treatments are also available and highly recommended for anyone who may be at risk for developing severe symptoms.

  • Anyone over the age of 65
  • Anyone under the age of 2
  • Anyone living in a long-term care facility
  • Women more than 3 months pregnant during the flu season
  • Anyone with chronic heart, lung, or kidney conditions
  • Anyone with diabetes or a weakened immune system

Call now for your same-day appointment! Walk-ins also welcome!


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