Measuring waist

Trust our proven program to help you maximize your potential for weight loss success

Measuring waist

You can lose up to 20 pounds in the first 4 weeks*

The Good Health Associates custom weight loss program is designed to help you lose weight safely and effectively, with skilled medical supervision. Our knowledgeable staff makes all the difference, and we are happy to help you achieve healthier and more sustainable weight loss results than you may be able to on your own.

  • Complete health and medical evaluation, including:
    • Comprehensive history and physical
    • Body mass index and vitals check
    • Basic medical exam and lab tests (with additional labs as needed)
    • Body composition analysis (%of fluid, protein, and fat content)
    • Exercise tolerance test, to determine calorie burning capacity
  • Personalized Nutritional plan
  • Fitness plan sensitive to your limitations and activity level
  • Approved prescriptions medications, injections, or supplements as needed
  • Counseling, motivation, and support throughout the process

*On this program, the average patient will lose 15-20 pounds in 4 weeks. However, weight loss will vary with each individual.

Continue to maintain and manage your weight

The second phase of your custom weight loss program is the transition to long-term aintenance. You don’t have to fear wasted effort by regaining all of your lost weight, with our experienced physicians there to help you. eekly visits with your physician during this phase will focus on increasing your metabolic rate through exercise and diet.

Throughout this process, your BMI, vitals, body composition, and metabolic rate will continue to be monitored. Supplements and medications will continue to be available if necessary, and you will also be able to consult with a dietician or medical professional about your computer software diet plans.

Most importantly, with Good Health Associates you always have access to ongoing counseling, motivation, and support for your health and happiness.

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